AT THE END I Lived I Loved I Laughed I Prayed             I Felt Pain                I Cried                     I Hurt                         I was Betrayed                                      I made Friends                                      […]


“Your mother gives you your identity as a woman” (Iyanla Vanzant) hmm-mm I don’t know…Is this really true? I will be able to agree or disagree at the end of my release. I have been rather hesitant to write this post, and the others that will follow, I agonized over the wording, what should I […]


Journey My life, My tears, my fears My obstacles, my trials, my cares My battles, My pains, my strife My experiences, my ways, My Life   My challenges, My habits, my scars My mistakes, my trials and errors My happiness My victories, my beliefs My hopes, my aspirations, my dreams My wishes My expectation, my […]

We’ll Call Her Change…

I met a young woman yesterday I didn’t know, never met her before, I was a little scared at her disheveled appearance, but she wanted to talk. I reached within and found the courage to listen to what she had to say. She had a story so personal, painful and deep that she seemed unclear […]