A Funeral, A Wedding, A Baby…

A Funeral, A Wedding, A Baby… Life is amazing! The events that happens daily, weekly, monthly, yearly amazes me… It’s the simply things that amazes me the most…Over the course of the last three weeks, I have witnessed, experienced and been amazed at the events, overcome with deep sadness, joy, excitement and the overwhelming feeling […]

The Fear Of The Unknown

The Fear Of The Unknown Self applied limitations are the hardest to break free, Loosening the restrains, overstepping the boundaries, reaching above the confines I placed on me. Change is scary, who wants to take the chance? Fact is, fear intensify at first glance. I heard them say nothing tried, nothing gained, Overwhelmed from the […]


It’s been a trying past few weeks, my emotions have been all over the place. I went to Jamaica for the burial of my dear cousin and childhood friend, I also had a challenging and very trying time of having to tell my story too…I had the opportunity to stand in my truth amidst the […]