You Did, It’s Your Fault…

This piece was submitted by a supporter of J2F in the fight against CSA. Let me know what you think… You Did, It’s Your Fault!  Written and submitted By Marvin Walters.  You were suppose to be my protector not a molester,  You were suppose to be my hero but your heart was at degree zero. You […]

Embarking On A Journey

Hi, My name is Larissa Rhone and I am a victim that has survived years of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). I’m embarking on this journey, a journey of speaking, speaking openly and candidly, speaking and revealing my truth, sharing my story in hopes of advocating and shedding some light on a vile and insidious crime […]


YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO LOVE ME You were suppose to love me – Not abuse me You were suppose to teach me – Not confuse me You were suppose to guide, direct, and shield – Not have SEX with me! You were meant to protect but – You destroyed me mentally. You told me I was […]

The Story Unfolds…

I saw the casket, white with gold trimmings, the interior white, soft and plush, in it laid the body of a beautiful slender dark skinned girl, she seemed at peace but on closer examination her face seemed distressed as if her last days were less than content. The make up used to conceal revealed familiarity. […]

Let’s Start Having The Discussions…

The time has come, the work now begins! It’s been 3 1/2 years and for those of you that have been journeying with and praying with and for me… THANK YOU!!! The road to get here has been a looooong and tedious one. I’m however happy to report (with a sigh of relief) that though […]