Hi, My name is Larissa Rhone and I am a victim that has survived years of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).

I’m embarking on this journey, a journey of speaking, speaking openly and candidly, speaking and revealing my truth, sharing my story in hopes of advocating and shedding some light on a vile and insidious crime that has/have been and still is plaguing our society. This particular crime is so common, it’s considered an epidemic! one that has crossed borders and crept into the homes and lives of almost every family. I decided to get on board, to step up and share my story for several reasons, reasons I will list in an upcoming video. Its sad to say that while my story and my experience maybe unique to me, unfortunately my story, this story happens to be an oh too familiar story, in fact it’s safe to say if not you, it’s most likely the story and experience of someone you know. I say this with a level of certainty because this topic is very common, very taboo, happens so frequently (daily) in fact, yet, it’s the conversation, the topic that no-one wants to talk about!

I am a survivor that knows the long lasting impact being sexually abused as a child has and the effects that carries well on into adulthood and happens to affect to every area, and I do mean every single area of your life!  From the way you think, the way you act, speak, your very perception of people and the society at large. I know firsthand how traumatic the experience and how robbed you feel. I know oh too well the stigma, the anguish, the pain, the secrecy, the shame, the emotional and mental scarring, the torment, the self-loathing, these labels and more are the baggages that remains.

I could go on and I will in upcoming video’s but for now i’ll stop here, but, allow me to say if you have every felt less than, if you’ve ever felt worthless, if your self-esteem is in the dumps, if you’ve ever suffered from insecurities, struggled with acceptance, if you still struggle or agonize over the events of your past and the list goes on… take this journey with me. My journeying to free – Journey2Free where we’ll be talking, sharing stories, having the discussions that needs to be had to insight change, bring about awareness, to affect a changed mindset, and have a shift in our thinking, in addition reassigning the shame and the blame and even more importantly the ultimate, my and your acceptance, release and peace.

Join me as I/we Journey2Free. This space, in this space you are loved, you are supported, you are worth it, it was never and could never be your fault, you matter and I believe you!
Join me as I/we Journey2Free. I Love You – from my heart to yours. God Bless You.

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