This piece was submitted by a supporter of J2F in the fight against CSA. Let me know what you think…

You Did, It’s Your Fault!

 Written and submitted By Marvin Walters. 

You were suppose to be my protector not a molester, 

You were suppose to be my hero but your heart was at degree zero.

You were suppose to hold my hands and lead the way, 

Instead you touched me places and said that’s how you play. 

I gave you my trust instead you stole my innocence and told me hush,

I told those who I thought care instead they covered my mouth in fear.

My skin is flawlessly beautiful but you left on it many unforgettable scares, 

My life on earth is now a living hell cant wait to be in heaven beyond the stars.

He made me do things that I would never want to do, 

and after he finished he’d say nothing but, I love you.

Mom worked the night shift so we were left in the dark

He played with me in the showers instead of taking me to the park. 

Manipulated into thinking I know not right from wrong,

Overpowered by his stature; my weakness makes him strong.

Loathing at the thought that the time has come to go to bed,

Escaping all the nightmares; forcing them to the back of my head.

Sexually deviant and wicked; he’s completely out of control,

Twisted are his thoughts, as he finally takes my soul.

Evil vicious cycle; spinning round and round and round,

Devastation lasting a life-time; still waiting to be found.

Silence I have learned; haunting memories hiding within,

Trust I give to no one; for all of life is one big sin.

Exiled from a childhood, that helped make me who I am today,

Disgraced by the memories as I watched my childhood fade away.