You Did, It’s Your Fault…

This piece was submitted by a supporter of J2F in the fight against CSA. Let me know what you think… You Did, It’s Your Fault!  Written and submitted By Marvin Walters.  You were suppose to be my protector not a molester,  You were suppose to be my hero but your heart was at degree zero. You […]


YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO LOVE ME You were suppose to love me – Not abuse me You were suppose to teach me – Not confuse me You were suppose to guide, direct, and shield – Not have SEX with me! You were meant to protect but – You destroyed me mentally. You told me I was […]

The Fear Of The Unknown

The Fear Of The Unknown Self applied limitations are the hardest to break free, Loosening the restrains, overstepping the boundaries, reaching above the confines I placed on me. Change is scary, who wants to take the chance? Fact is, fear intensify at first glance. I heard them say nothing tried, nothing gained, Overwhelmed from the […]


AT THE END I Lived I Loved I Laughed I Prayed             I Felt Pain                I Cried                     I Hurt                         I was Betrayed                                      I made Friends                                      […]


Journey My life, My tears, my fears My obstacles, my trials, my cares My battles, My pains, my strife My experiences, my ways, My Life   My challenges, My habits, my scars My mistakes, my trials and errors My happiness My victories, my beliefs My hopes, my aspirations, my dreams My wishes My expectation, my […]