Child on Child Abuse, Sexual Urges 2

1 Mar

A follow-up to my last video, after discovery one of my dearest friends child was sexually abused by another child. In this video I touched on parents being vigilant in protecting their children or seeking the necessary help for their children.

I also spoke about the importance of teaching young children about their Private parts and that this includes not only the penis, vagina, buttocks, breast but also the mouth as many predators are forcing young children to perform oral sex. Parents, pleas have the discussions with your child(ren).

Court. Day’s 5 & 6

26 Feb

Fighting Against Childhood Sexual Abuse

Standing up for what you believe in and seeking justice in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse seems like an unattainable feat. The challenges, and obstacles presented, the mental struggles, the emotional upheaval having to go back, to relive the memories, the flashbacks, the nightmares… Who knowingly and willingly wants to put themselves through this harsh and rather painful experience? I do and I did!

I HAD TO GO BACK TO MOVE FORWARD! I was tired and exhausted from feeling like a complete stranger in my own body. I was existing but my very existence felt foreign to me. I often felt like an intruder into my own life and body. I was robbed. I was wounded. I was broken. I got tired of living like a mere fraction trying desperately to be whole, but being or feeling whole evaded me.

I brought him (my abuser) to court after thirty (30) long years! The process was EXTREMELY trying and difficult but so worth it! As challenging and difficult as it was and despite the fact the defense attorney tried to paint an awful picture of me to make his case, the feeling of looking my abuser in the eyes (as dreadful as it was at times) I was slowly but surely taking my power back from the BASTARD that had stolen my innocence and robbed me of my self-worth, my trust, MY CHILDHOOD…

Today I stand however, determined to TAKE IT ALL BACK… Join me on this journey. #JOURNEY2FREE

Journey with me…


Fighting Against Childhood Sexual Abuse


Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Children & Sexual Urges

22 Feb

Children & Sexual Urges… Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

Question; What happens to a CHILD after they have being sexually abuse, exposed sexually, after they have been fondled, molested, raped, what then happens to the child?

After the realization, outside of the crime being reported and a possible arrest made(which is seldom the case) what happens to the child?!

How do you suppress the awakened sexual feelings now unearthed?

What is a CHILD to do with the with the urges and emotions released?

As parents what do you do?

How do you cope with that which have already been done?

Journey with me…,

Child Sexual Abuse. Children & Sexual Urges

Court Day 3 & 4… Fight Against (CSA)

19 Feb

Fighting against Child Sexual Abuse…

Court Proceedings in Jamaica.

Reassigning Shame and seeking justice for a crime that span decades.



Journey with me…


Day 1 Court Begins… (CSA)

12 Feb

Capturing the moments… As mentioned in a previous video, I tried to chronicle the last six weeks of my court case as best as I could. Finally gaining the courage to stand up for myself and SO many others. I decided to take that stand and file charges against the man who raped and violated me and several other family members years ago.

There were days I was strong and felt empowered and days that I got so emotional and overwhelmed!  Speaking your Truth, standing up for self, seeking justice and writing a wrong will definitely bring additional stressors BUT the strength gained is priceless!

Journey with me…


Reassign the Shame… Speak!

Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) & The Labels We Wear…

8 Feb

Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and the LABELS we wear… More often than not, a child that has been Sexually Abused go inward. Children, victims (some) are often asked directly or indirectly to suppress, to cover, to hide, to shield. This action then creates a negative chain reaction…

FEAR: The most significant of the labels. Fear, experienced in many different ways and varies on a case by case basis. However, the fear similarly experienced by the majority; The fear initially instilled by the perpetrator, he/she making do on said threat (For me it was the threat of cutting my younger siblings throats while they slept) Fear of being ostracized, criticized, judged, not being believed, the fear of someone finding out…

LIES: The lies we are forced to tell, we basically lie to everyone but the biggest lie, the lies we tell ourselves.

GUILT: The guilt we feel caused by knowing, thinking, feeling I/we did something bad or wrong.

SHAME: The embarrassment, the feeling of sadness and constant regret, afraid of being disgraced.

PAIN: The pain of having to live a life suppressing, covering, lying, maintaining secrets, pretending; The memories, the sudden and unanticipated flashbacks, the anxiety etc

SECRECY: Forced, sometimes asked and expected of a victim not to speak about their experience/ordeal. Victims are forced to cover for family, for the perpetrator (especially that of a family member, family friend, a prominent or (considered) elite etc) because no-one wants to talk or acknowledge truth…

ANGER: Victims become angry, often times wanting to speak, to share, wanting someone to acknowledge your pain and come to your aid but, more often than not, there is no-one there.

SHAME: Victims are ofter made to feel as if they/we were the reason or cause of the abuse, that they/we somehow wanted, warranted, caused or deserved being raped, fondled and violated. Family members, relatives, friends, society often blames the victim. Some parents blame the child/children…

UNWORTHY: The feeling of unworthiness, feeling disgusted, worthless, nasty, filthy, used and used up…

HELPLESS: Having no-one to turn to or confide in. Feeling alone and unsure of what to do.

LONELINESS: Being alone, misunderstood and isolated

TORMENT: The extreme mental, emotional and physical pain…

ANGUISH: Suffering mental grief, confusion, pain…

MISTRUST: Violators, perpetrators are often a family member, relatives, trusted friend, pastors, coaches, a person thats expected to protect a child should be able to trust but…

SUPPRESSED: As victims we suppress we are forced to keep it all bottled inside, we don’t speak, we often pretend all is well, and, asked and expected to lead normal lives.

These are just a few of the labels we wear as victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse, BUT for those of us that still struggle, we CAN and will SHED these labels… 

Let’s Reassign The Shame… Speak! 

Join me as I/we shed these labels and journey2free. From my heart to yours! God Bless

Dearly Departed Dolls… I Apologize!

5 Feb

Accepting, the good, the bad, the ugly on your journey to self-discovery…


Breaking The Silence

1 Feb

This video was done to address two frequently asked questions… I’m a work in progress, and so is my video editing skills. Please bare with me… Journey with me as I/we Journey2Free.

working on the necessary edits…

From my heart to yours. Love you! Reassign the Shame… Speak!

Journey with me…


You Did, It’s Your Fault…

30 Jan

This piece was submitted by a supporter of J2F in the fight against CSA. Let me know what you think…

You Did, It’s Your Fault!

 Written and submitted By Marvin Walters. 

You were suppose to be my protector not a molester, 

You were suppose to be my hero but your heart was at degree zero.

You were suppose to hold my hands and lead the way, 

Instead you touched me places and said that’s how you play. 

I gave you my trust instead you stole my innocence and told me hush,

I told those who I thought care instead they covered my mouth in fear.

My skin is flawlessly beautiful but you left on it many unforgettable scares, 

My life on earth is now a living hell cant wait to be in heaven beyond the stars.

He made me do things that I would never want to do, 

and after he finished he’d say nothing but, I love you.

Mom worked the night shift so we were left in the dark

He played with me in the showers instead of taking me to the park. 

Manipulated into thinking I know not right from wrong,

Overpowered by his stature; my weakness makes him strong.

Loathing at the thought that the time has come to go to bed,

Escaping all the nightmares; forcing them to the back of my head.

Sexually deviant and wicked; he’s completely out of control,

Twisted are his thoughts, as he finally takes my soul.

Evil vicious cycle; spinning round and round and round,

Devastation lasting a life-time; still waiting to be found.

Silence I have learned; haunting memories hiding within,

Trust I give to no one; for all of life is one big sin.

Exiled from a childhood, that helped make me who I am today,

Disgraced by the memories as I watched my childhood fade away.

Embarking On A Journey

25 Jan

Hi, My name is Larissa Rhone and I am a victim that has survived years of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).

I’m embarking on this journey, a journey of speaking, speaking openly and candidly, speaking and revealing my truth, sharing my story in hopes of advocating and shedding some light on a vile and insidious crime that has/have been and still is plaguing our society. This particular crime is so common, it’s considered an epidemic! one that has crossed borders and crept into the homes and lives of almost every family. I decided to get on board, to step up and share my story for several reasons, reasons I will list in an upcoming video. Its sad to say that while my story and my experience maybe unique to me, unfortunately my story, this story happens to be an oh too familiar story, in fact it’s safe to say if not you, it’s most likely the story and experience of someone you know. I say this with a level of certainty because this topic is very common, very taboo, happens so frequently (daily) in fact, yet, it’s the conversation, the topic that no-one wants to talk about!

I am a survivor that knows the long lasting impact being sexually abused as a child has and the effects that carries well on into adulthood and happens to affect to every area, and I do mean every single area of your life!  From the way you think, the way you act, speak, your very perception of people and the society at large. I know firsthand how traumatic the experience and how robbed you feel. I know oh too well the stigma, the anguish, the pain, the secrecy, the shame, the emotional and mental scarring, the torment, the self-loathing, these labels and more are the baggages that remains.

I could go on and I will in upcoming video’s but for now i’ll stop here, but, allow me to say if you have every felt less than, if you’ve ever felt worthless, if your self-esteem is in the dumps, if you’ve ever suffered from insecurities, struggled with acceptance, if you still struggle or agonize over the events of your past and the list goes on… take this journey with me. My journeying to free – Journey2Free where we’ll be talking, sharing stories, having the discussions that needs to be had to insight change, bring about awareness, to affect a changed mindset, and have a shift in our thinking, in addition reassigning the shame and the blame and even more importantly the ultimate, my and your acceptance, release and peace.

Join me as I/we Journey2Free. This space, in this space you are loved, you are supported, you are worth it, it was never and could never be your fault, you matter and I believe you!
Join me as I/we Journey2Free. I Love You – from my heart to yours. God Bless You.