The only thing I was ever consistent at was being consistently neglectful.  I’ve never been consistent at anything positive, I had an issue with consistency because to be consistent meant getting results, which lead to responsibilities, which lead to dependency. I just figured if I wasn’t good at anything then no-one would have to ask […]

Surviving Chaos

“But, I’ve watched you sleep on more than one occasion during the day while I was next to you, how do you explain that?” Self actualization, self discovery, self acceptance, knowing your strengths and your weaknesses requires truth, strength, optimism, undeterred determination and stick-to-itiveness to keep moving forward even when you feel like quitting. Being […]

Conversations With My Sister…

In a recent candid conversation with my sister ten years my junior, we made a startling discovery. Our eyes were opened to our similarities and differences as it relates to sex and our personal preferences. We are much alike yet so different! #childsexualabuse #rape #reassigntheshame #speak

Starting A New…

I faltered by the way, but that’s okay! I am giving myself permission to start again! I haven’t written a blog post in months. I justified my actions by convincing myself that life, the demands of motherhood and the various projects I took on got in the way. Truth is, though life and work were […]

2018 – Year of Challenges

2018 – The year of challenges! When you’ve spent what seems like a lifetime in a dismal place, caged mentally, pulling yourself free can be difficult and frightening, but of the utmost importance for survival.  When the things you’ve prayed for starts falling into place, the feeling is euphoric, as if stars are aligning and all […]