Reassign The Shame… Speak.

Welcome to Journey 2 Free

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Healing, Empowerment, Discovery, Purpose…

Journey 2 Free (J2F) is a US & JA based, 501(c)(3), Nonprofit organization that serves as a resource, a safe space, and an empowerment program focused on self-healing, self-discovery, awakening to purpose, and healing forward. 

About Us

J2F started as a blog chronicling the founder, Ms. Larissa Rhone, journey after deciding after 30+ years to bring her childhood abuser to justice. The blog then morphed into a full-fledged organization helping youths and adults with similar stories begin their healing process. J2F is focused on helping children, adults, and communities heal from generational traumas, such as child sexual abuse, and awakening to their purpose. Our programs, resources, events, and support groups are centered around awareness, prevention, and empowering each other to begin or continue the journey 2 freedom through speaking, reassigning the shame, self-discovery, and doing the healing work. 

Board Members

  • Founder & Director – Larissa Rhone
  • Executive Director – Regina S. Dyton, MSW, Principal Investigator, Child Safety Forward
  • Marlon Burke – Assistant Executive Director
  • Treasurer – Chavon Campbell
  • Secretary – Alisha Sutherland – Business and Management Professional
  • Neeco Cargle, Sergeant

Our Mission at Journey 2 Free:

Support Childhood Trauma Survivors – In need of healing – Journey 2 Freedom.

Journey 2 Free mission is to provide opportunities, services, and support through education, self-esteem and empowerment workshops, outreach, and community involvement to prevent, combat child sexual abuse, and foster and promote healing and restoration for the cause of realigning survivors to their God-given purpose. 

Some of our Goals at Journey 2 Free:

  • Create safe support spaces to encourage, uplift and empower youth and adult survivors.
  • Coordinate, Host, and Facilitate healing workshops
  • Organize school sexual abuse prevention campaigns
  • Sponsor, plan, and execute community outreach events and activities
  • Develop programs and strategies that teach and raise awareness about (CSA) and the lasting, lifelong effects if survivors are not heard, helped, and healed. 
  • Implement self-developmental and healing projects for the restoration of survivors of Trauma.
  • Conduct Self-Care and Healing Retreats for survivors of Trauma.
  • Partner with other organizations to source and create resources for our communities.