• Fab Over 40 Competition

    Three more days to go before the “CUT” begins! My lovelies – I’m currently in 3rd Place in my Group. Please Vote and Share with your friends and family 😊🤦🏾‍♀️ Thank you all for your continuous love and support 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 My lovelies, please vote. Read more

  • 8 Lessons “2022 Taught Me.”

    1) The only things I have control over are my thoughts, emotions, and my reactions. 2) My pain is not meant for just me.  3) Be grateful in ALL things 4) Willpower is built by doing difficult things. 5) It’s OK to celebrate small daily wins.  6) When I cannot see God’s hands, trust his… Read more

  • 1 Child 12 Separate Abusers! Masked Episode 5

    1 Child 12 Separate Abusers! Masked Episode 5

    **TRIGGER WARNING** Discussions of Child Sexual Abuse. Episodes may contain graphic details. One Child, 12 Separate Abusers! Molested by her brother and friends, raped by 12 separate abusers, including a stepfather, now 44-years-old and have never dated! Join us for another heart-rending story on the 5th episode of Masked. Listen as our guest shares her… Read more

  • Pregnant At 14 By My Uncle Masked Episode 4

    Pregnant At 14 By My Uncle Masked Episode 4

    **TRIGGER WARNING** Discussions of Child Sexual Abuse. Episodes may contain graphic details. IMPREGNATED BY HER UNCLE! – Raped and impregnated by her uncle at age 14, Rudy shares her story on MASKED. In an attempt to start her healing process, Rudy speaks publicly about her childhood traumas. Rudy was raped by her uncle which resulted… Read more



    FEELINGS BURIED ALIVE NEVER DIE… Part 1 – Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Speaks – Out **TRIGGER WARNING** Discussions of Child Sexual Abuse. Episodes may contain graphic details. A Fi Mi Jamaica Project – Host Leo Gilling from the Leo Gilling Show interviewing and streamed on She speaks – We speak. Together we stand.… Read more

  • MASKED – Episode 3

    MASKED – Episode 3

    Sex was my healing. Molested and Raped by five separate guys on separate occasions. Four different abusers between ages 7 – 9. Raped at 14 because I wouldn’t give in to his advances. I became aggressive, I hated men, I didn’t want to be touched. Listen as our guest shares her story of survival after… Read more

  • On My Way To Recovery – (Guest Post)

    On My Way To Recovery – (Guest Post)

    This piece was written by our last guest on MASKED (A J2F Mini-Series). I asked her permission to share. It continues to be my prayer that if one person’s life is positively affected, influenced, or changed by my story, then my speaking would not be in vain. Tears streamed down my face as I read… Read more

  • A 80TH Birthday Celebration

    A 80TH Birthday Celebration

    Each time I thought about attending the party, I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack. An internal tug of war was taking place. I was doing it again. Once again, I allowed myself to be conflicted at the expectation and request of a loved one. I still struggled with saying… Read more

  • To Go or Not To Go?

    To Go or Not To Go?

    The plans were underway, no-one bothered to include me or even ask, was it that they knew I wouldn’t be interested in attending, or was it something more sinister? Could it be they didn’t want me there for fear of contention? December 20th, 2016 – Was the last time I spoke to and was physically in… Read more

  • MASKED. Episode 2

    MASKED. Episode 2

    **TRIGGER WARNING** Discussions of Child Sexual Abuse. Episodes may contain graphic details. THE SMELL STILL LINGERS TILL TODAY! – After contracting a sexually transmitted disease at age seven (7), a sixty (60) year old Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor FINALLY speaks. Hurting for over fifty (50) spent years, she carried the turmoil doing what so many… Read more

  • Unapologetic Part 2 (repost)

    Unapologetic Part 2 (repost)

    The threats are reeling in. The vile and insensitive remarks are endless, the accusations, and assumptions are piling on and the questions are many! I have gone and done the unthinkable, the inexcusable, and the unforgivable. I spoke and am speaking my truth! I promised myself I would refrain from writing angry but recent occurrences… Read more

  • Unapologetic Part 1 (repost)

    Unapologetic Part 1 (repost)

    I lost my innocence to a cousin on a bedroom floor, raped repeatedly for years by my grandmothers husband and was touched inappropriately by an uncle all between the ages of 5 and 16. Read more

  • Crushed – Part 2

    Crushed – Part 2

     Retreat Nights were the hardest. I was preoccupied throughout the days. I kept myself busy (another unhealthy form of coping) I did what I knew best, put on a brave face, smiled, and performed my way through the pain while attending to my obligations. It’s a tough call when your obligations include motivating and inspiring others while… Read more

  • Crushed! Part 1

    Crushed! Part 1

    Rejection Rejection highlight insecurities, uprooting even that which was believed to be settled. The feeling of rejection to the average human can be horrifying, but for someone that carries with them unhealed wounds, rejection can be devastatingly traumatic, damning to one’s self – esteem and crushing to the soul. My heart had been broken before,… Read more

  • Survivor’s Guilt

    Survivor’s Guilt

    “Survivor guilt (also called survivor syndrome or survivor disorder) is a mental condition that occurs when a person believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not, often feeling self-guilt.” (Wikipedia) I never gave much thought to its meaning until my therapist mentioned ‘me’ and ‘survivors quilt’ in the… Read more

  • Vertigo & A Mystery.

    VERTIGO The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of vertigo: –  a sensation of motion in which the individual’s surroundings seems to whirl dizzily. I’m at a point in my life where I’m learning to just (hahahahaha) laugh at life’s hiccups. After not posting for so long, I had a personal goal, a little pact I made… Read more

  • MASKED Episode 1

    MASKED Episode 1

    DISCLAIMER: Episodes may contain graphic details. ***Please be advised – Maybe triggering to trauma survivors*** If triggered please call your local sexual assault hotline. Journey 2 Free presents – MASKED – a mini-series created for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse to share their stories in hopes of reassigning the shame and reclaim their voices. We… Read more

  • Coming Soon… MASKED!

    Coming Soon… MASKED!

    AS PROMISED: HERE IT IS! – The official preview of MASKED!   MASKED! – A JOURNEY 2 FREE/ST. THOMAS EVENTS SERIES…. Though these interviews were extremely difficult to get through, I had to follow through with divine instructions, because the word needs to get out. We MUST SPEAK AND REASSIGN THE SHAME! The shame victims/survivors… Read more

  • Help Us, Help Them…

    Help Us, Help Them…

    Friends and Supporters of J2F, PLEASE HELP US BY SUPPORTING THIS CAMPAIGN… J2F Awakened Retreat We humbly ask your support in raising funds to host the 2nd annual Journey2Free Awakened Retreat. The J2F Awakened Retreat is a 3 day, 4 night retreat geared to empowering 30-35 girls ages 10-16 to reassign the shame and speak about… Read more

  • A Survivor’s Prayer

    A Survivor’s Prayer

    Father, I humbly ask your forgiveness, for all the times I doubted you, for all the times I failed to exercise trust, for all the times I was ungrateful and blind to favor overlooking mercy and grace, please forgive me. 🙏🏾   Father, I am significantly flawed, you know this to be true, because of… Read more

  • J2F Awakened Retreat

    J2F Awakened Retreat

    Dear friends and supporters of J2F, PLEASE, SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN… We are seeking to raise funds to host the 2nd annual Journey2Free Awakened Retreat. J2F Awakened Retreat is a 3 day, 4 night retreat geared to empowering 30-35 girls ages 10-16 to reassign the shame and speak about the traumas sustained from being sexually abused,… Read more

  • Miracles Do Happen…

    Miracles Do Happen…

    I heard her calling his name, I thought nothing of it. I heard the voice of my eldest son shouting “wake up Jo, wake up!” just then my phone rang, it was my mom calling to inform me Jo was not waking up, as calmly as she could, she said, “get the glucometer and get upstairs… Read more

  • A Mother’s Hug…

    A Mother’s Hug…

    Sometimes we just need a hug. Sometimes we just need a good crying fest and a hug to relieve ourselves from built up anxiety, frustration and stress. Last Tuesday I received the wakeup call I so desperately needed. After weeks of riding the waves of uncertainty, self-pity and ambiguous moods, I arrived at a place… Read more

  • I’ll Be Damned!

    I’ll Be Damned!

    I’ll Be Damned! When you have spent 35 years believing that you’re not good enough, you’re damaged, broken and unlovable, changing that mindset can prove rather challenging. Impatience and frustration sets in, one day I’m up and my mood reflects what I feel inwardly, which is unstoppable, I can do all things and proceed to… Read more

  • Breakups & Heartaches…

    Breakups & Heartaches…

    One very common effect of trauma is the feeling of unworthiness and many of us immerse ourselves totally and completely into our friendships and relationships often unknowingly, simply because of the payoff, the reassurance of belonging, as well as the meaning – we are normal. Read more

  • Triggered


    Survivor-hood is grueling and rather complex. There is no right or wrong way to go through the healing process, but it requires much patience, self-care, self-forgiveness, push, pull, ups, downs, failed attempts and countless retry’s or stating over. Read more

  • Hooded Sweatshirt & Sweatpants.

    Hooded Sweatshirt & Sweatpants.

    “Yup, she’s depressed and going through one of her moods!” My favorite outfit to wear – boots, hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants. I wear them when I lounge, I wear them out, I would wear them everywhere if allowed, but I know that’s not possible. ‘Comfort,’ was my response when asked or quizzed by loved ones… Read more