The Fear Of The Unknown


Self applied limitations are the hardest to break free,

Loosening the restrains, overstepping the boundaries, reaching above the confines I placed on me.

Change is scary, who wants to take the chance?

Fact is, fear intensify at first glance.

I heard them say nothing tried, nothing gained,

Overwhelmed from the fear of the unknown?

Live your life, lighten up, take risks… have fun!

You may be thrilled,  surprised even at new strengths found.

Scary yeah… taking chances creates self-doubt…

Re-examine yourself, determination to succeed lies within,

Push, Try, if not, fear grows and troubles surmount.

When fear is confronted…contentment, joy,  you flourish comfortably in your skin.

No-one hinders your chances; no-one stops your progress but you…

Timid… controlled by fright…frozen… The fear of the unknown.

Risks are meant to be taken,  confidence grows this proves true,

Give no thought to failure…make the unknown known to you!

Fight the urge to wallow in self-pity, pull yourself out of the funk

Fear will hold you hostage…  FIGHT… show the world you’ve got spunk!

Conquer your fear, take chances, watch fear lose its hold.

It’s OK to be frightened, I’m sure all will agree, but, not to the point where you’re crippled  mentally

Have courage; take refuge, be at peace in knowing, it begins internally

Vanquish your doubts… watch fear release its grip

experience the experience of the unknown, now transformed into the joy of knowing.

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