Parents! It’s easier to not place your child/ren in compromising and  uncomfortable situations than it is to have to ask if something happened or someone touched them inappropriately!

 Be advised: It matters not how (us) parents believe we have a bond, great speaking relationship or that our children shares or tells us everything. The fragile, undeveloped mind of a child may not share with you if something is wrong, if they have been sexually violated, because they are covering or shielding a perp for various reasons. 

1. They may just like or worst love the person and not want them to get in trouble.

2.The perp may use threats/threats of harm to parents/siblings

3. Child feels a sense of responsibility 

4. Child feels ashamed and believes they will get in trouble or be blamed 

5. Child doesn’t want the relationship severed with perp

6. Child’s afraid of mom, dad or both…

The list is lengthy as to why children Do Not Tell! Parents: Don’t naively believe you or your child are the exception, why chance it?! Parents: Talk to your children and when they speak, listen!!