MASKED Episode 1

DISCLAIMER: Episodes may contain graphic details. ***Please be advised – Maybe triggering to trauma survivors*** If triggered please call your local sexual assault hotline.

Journey 2 Free presents – MASKED – a mini-series created for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse to share their stories in hopes of reassigning the shame and reclaim their voices. We strongly believe that speaking is the first step to healing.

Mona’s first meeting with her biological father resulted in raped. She spent years in turmoil doing what so many of us do best – wear a MASK. Millions of survivors have never shared their experience privately let alone publicly. Listen as Mona courageously shares her story for the first time on MASKED.

Journey with me…

Call – 1-860-938-2742 (US) or 1-876-447-1367 (JA)



Journey with me as I/we Journey2Free.

From my heart to yours, Larissa

P.S. This was not the intended blog post for tonight, however, I choose to follow through on a promise I made myself today. #notimelikethepresent

About Journey2Free

My name is Larissa Rhone. I was sexually abused for years as a child. I decided on going public with my story in hopes of inspiring and empowering others to speak about there ordeals in hopes of helping others. This space serves as a platform, I'm on my way, my Journey to Self-Discovery, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Personal Growth, and Personal Freedom, ultimately my Growth and Healing. J2F gives an account of sexual abuse, my living with a chronic illness, betrayal, lessons learned, childhood traumas, survival etc... My past, my present, the future me, my shedding the veil of anger and mistrust and anxiously stepping into the Me, God intended for me to be. Join me as I/we Journey2Free! From my heart to yours..

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