Child on Child Abuse, Sexual Urges 2

A follow-up to my last video, after discovery one of my dearest friends child was sexually abused by another child. In this video I touched on parents being vigilant in protecting their children or seeking the necessary help for their children.

I also spoke about the importance of teaching young children about their Private parts and that this includes not only the penis, vagina, buttocks, breast but also the mouth as many predators are forcing young children to perform oral sex. Parents, pleas have the discussions with your child(ren).


It’s a new day, a different time, a younger, smarter generation, a more advanced/modernized era, YET, so many are still stuck with the mindset, that of the 1800/1900 hundreds… 

Child Sexual Abuse can never, should never, and will NEVER be the shame/embarrassment of a child to bear! That shame/embarrassment should fall squarely on the abusers shoulders…
If you have been sexually abused as a CHILD, fondled, kissed, penetrated etc… IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, IT IS NOT YOUR SHAME!!!
This is the only way we can begin to shed some light on this sick, deprave, vile act (s) against our most precious and vulnerable… OUR CHILDREN
If you know someone who is struggling today, and don’t have the courage to stand, STAND with/up for this person… PLEASE!!!
Child Sexual Abuse is a monstrous plague, plaguing the minds, the hearts, the lives of so many in our society… THIS MUST END!!!
I will stand up and be counted, I  was a victim that refused to be a victim forever… STAND UP, HAVE COURAGE, TAKE YOUR LIVES BACK!!!
SPEAK!!! Put them all to shame, it is in fact your responsibility to she’d light on the situation! YOU MAY SAVE ONE!
Save one little girl, save one little boy… SPEAK!!!
REMEMBER, These acts were done to us, by folks that were suppose to guide, protect, love and directs us, they made their choice to defile us! IT’S NO FAULT OF OURS/YOURS! It is however our duty to ensure another doesn’t fall prey to our abusers and others… 
We learn lessons to apply, to encourage, to teach… You, YOU have the power to stop a cycle… SPEAK!!!

If we remain mum, we allow perpetrators, pedophiles, abusers to roam free! You then become an enabler… Let’s play our part…