After receiving a phone call about a six year old boy being taken to the doctor after complaining of feeling ill, it was discovered that he had gonorrhea of the mouth. In this video I’m appealing to some of my fellow Jamaicans to remove the wool from their eyes and come to the aid of our children. If you see something, say something! I know Child Sexual Abuse knows no color, creed, ethnicity etc Childhood Sexual Abuse is worldwide but I felt compelled to address my people, though the message is for EVERYONE! We all need to be willing to step up and save a child!



  • This is very disturbing. 6 year with STDs, I really pray that justice is foun DC for him and he receives the help her needs.

  • This is simply unacceptable, giving a baby STD should be never be tolerated, but people are so caught up in their own lives the don’t have time to focus on anyone. It time we started to treat kids like the precious creatures they are.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I am sickened by it all. It’s time we start focusing our energies on how to help these children and figure out ways in which to find the culprits that preys on the innocent. Thank you for your comment.

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