There comes a point in each of our lives when we have to choose SELF! It’s a sobering reminder that “you cannot please ALL the people ALL the time” a lesson I learned the hard way and continue to learn. Someone will always challenge or disagree with your actions or views, you will NEVER get the approval of ALL so stop trying!!

NO-ONE knows your struggles, your fears, your hurts and your pains like YOU do! YOU sit alone with your scars, your wounds and your tears, you do the best you can do to cope, to survive, to maintain but all the time showing face, for who and for what?!!

So many of us deny ourselves, our happiness and freedom to appease and stroke the egos of family members, significant others and friends, when truth is we are but a moments notice from loosing our sanity!

STOP caring so much about what others think! Life is hard at times, the struggle is real! We all have our crosses to bare and enough people around us pretending to care.

Opinions are just that Opinions!!

You want to see how quickly some stop caring? Go against their opinions, go against what THEY believe is good for you, because as long as it doesn’t show them up or cast a negative light, you’ll remain cool regardless of the sorrows that plaques you!

Truth is: BE YOU! The best version of you!
And, In the off chance you’re not sure of who YOU are, on the way to discovering YOU, be the best version of who YOU are today.

Love you guys! Have a blessed Saturday.