As the month of July 2017 draws closer to the end I sit for a moment and put into perspective how far I have traveled or have come. It was only a year ago I was in this very spot asking God what is to HE wanted from me, A year ago I had completely lost all hope, in fact I had given up thinking and believing that outside of my two boys I had nothing to live for. I was totally convinced  that death would have been sweater than living and had it not been for my boys and the belief that ‘no other can love, protect or be as vigilant for them as me…

Fast forward a year later, so much have changed, old hurts and pains ‘somewhat’ contained,  anger subsided ‘some,’ I am able to see my shortcomings and though less than pleasing at times it’s all necessary and needed on this ere journey. Growth/change is beautiful and though change can be rather inconvenient, uncomfortable and hurtful at times I look forward to what’s to come, the next move, the next opened door, the next big break or opportunity, the next face I meet, the next story shared, the next speaking engagement, the next impacted life, the next empowered child and the list goes on… wondering how much farther do I have left to go and just how much growing I have left for total transformation and freedom.  The lessons, the discoveries, the awakenings are extremely difficult but vital to my growth. Truth is I eagerly await and welcome it All.

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