Parents please…

Silencing a child that have been sexually abused does significant harm that is sometimes irreversible… 

1. It reeks havoc on the child’s self-esteem 

2. It forces the child to be introverted 

3. It causes the child to second guess there own thoughts, voice, instincts, feelings, emotions and judgement. 

4. It teaches the child that their feelings and worth is secondary to that of others…

5. It causes the child to not trust others and the list goes on…

Parents be careful of the subliminal messages and lessons you’re teaching your child/ren 

Parents be present! Parents listen! Parents be proactive! 

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2 thoughts on “Parents please…

  • That is where the most harm comes. Not from the attacks because a child can recuperate from those. It is the silence most children are forced to bear to keep the family safe from shame. The silence demanded kills, figuratively and literally.
    Excellent post. Too bad the ones who need to read probably aren’t or wouldn’t follow through anyway. The family’s shame is too great, greater than the worth of the child.
    Perhaps submit it to some magazines.

    • I’m sorry for the late response… You are absolutely correct! In fact I know without the shadow of a doubt, had my ordeal been addressed from childhood I would not have been as tormented by it all! Thank you for your support, your words, your suggestions. Thank you!

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