Just Be…

Do ‘NOT‘ confuse Empathy with Experience, Understanding or Knowing… 

Saying, “I can only image what you’re going through” is far different from saying “I KNOW what you’re going through”. There’s a major difference between the two…

If it wasn’t your experience then NO, you don’t know what the person is experiencing and even so the experience experienced maybe a very different experience.😬🤔 We are ALL different!!!

Be careful of your attempt in showing compassion. You may just end up causing more harm… 

Never! try to downplay another’s pain. Even in showing compassion your actions maybe misconstrued. 

Just keep it simple and honest! If you don’t know what to say or do, Shut up 🤐😐 and do nothing, Just Be

You’re presence will be far more appreciated than you saying the wrong thing.😐😐 Just Be!  ❤️❤️Rizzy. 

#journey2free #love #compassion #empathy #justbe #presence

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