We Need More Voices!

Over the course of the last 10 months I’ve had this recurring experience, each and every time I open my mouth and speak about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) regardless of where I am and to whom I am speaking, I find that individual or person’s I’m addressing have experience this ordeal or, they know someone that have had the experience. I have seen and have read the stats, and I must admit I am left questioning the approximation of the (one in every three (3) girls and one in every six (6) boys figure). I happen to know that the stat’s recorded is that of reported cases, which leaves me dumbfounded and truly afraid, questioning what is the actual figure?! How many of US are their really?! How many of US have actually experienced this evil AND how many more will their be?!

More light is being shed on this topic in recent years HOWEVER, much more NEEDS to be done! CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE ALTERS AND YES, RUINS LIVES!!!

In the underdeveloped mind of a child their sense of wonder and optimisms is interrupted, trust is broken, curiosity altered and everything that was once beautiful, innocent and a mystery is now mystified and fuddled. Behaviors that follow often perplex others. A  child that has been sexually violated will NEVER be the same! A shift happens in their brain and the act of betrayal permeates every fiber of their being. Studies show that victims of Child Sexual Abuse displays one or more of these harmful symptoms, symptoms such as:








Trust Issues


Self Mutilation

Self Esteem Issues

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Sexual Dysfunction

Anti-social Personality

Sexual Identity Disorder

Withdrawals and the list goes on…

Many of these symptoms manifest during adulthood and many symptoms go undetected for years. For far too long Child Sexual Abuse have remained the most taboo topic. Many still struggle to SPEAK or have a basic discussion, yet, it’s still happening at an alarming rate! Why?! Victims struggle to speak, because (relying on the stats) it’s reported that 93% YES 93% of victims know their abuser. Therefore, it causes US victims to remain mute, ashamed and afraid because God forbid someone finds out my father, mother, grand-pappy, uncle, aunty, pastor, coach, teacher, brother, sister, cousin raped or sexually violated me, oh the horror, the judgement, what will the world think of me and how will I be viewed? The truth is, these predators strive of our silence, oh yes!  Our not speaking enables and emboldens the perp. I heard it said that SILENCE IS A PREDATORS BEST FRIEND, and this proved true not only in my case, but almost in every case!

In my life I have dealt with and experience ‘several‘ of these symptoms. I will be sharing my personal experience with some of these symptoms in hopes others will be able to relate and identify. But, in the meantime I encourage, in fact I implore victims and survivors alike, ‘Be emboldened and let’s start speaking out!‘ Our life, our children’s life depends on it! Being sexually violated is NOT your shame!

Let’s Reassign The Shame and focus on saving another from having to live with the torment! From my heart to yours… Journey 2 Free.


2 thoughts on “We Need More Voices!

  • Reassign all the same is what a lot of persons would like to do but i guess it depends on the state you are! Jamaica JUSTICE System is CRAP. Nothing works here and as a result it depends on the place you live and how you feel authority will handle it if and when someone will report.. Again you have persons afraid to be labelled an INFORMER, SELL OUT, and that is just a few Broken statements. Victims are labelled not only when things had happen to them but for their entire life on earth! Reassign The Shame You Say We Should Do But With US as VICTIMS or SURVIVES without TRUST in the SYSTEM we will never be able to REASSIGN the SHAME! We will never be able to be free if we free ourselves and not free from the shame we walk around in! WE CANNOT reassign the SHAME LIVING IN MOST PLACES.


    • Lee-Ann, I fully understand your statement and concerns. You do have a valid point, justice is not easily attained in some places and it makes it rather challenging for victims to get to that place of freedom when they are constantly barraged by others and the system designed to protect them. However, when I say ‘Reassign The Shame” Speak! the emphasis here is placed on victims coming to the realization that being sexually abused is not there fault and for the to put the onus on the rightful owners. I speak and advocate for others like myself that were told from an early age to be quiet or we were not believed and somehow made to feel like what happened to us is somehow our fault and or we caused the act. I advocate and encourage others to simply place the Shame squarely on the adult that violated the trust of a child and we then live with that shame. Reassigning the shame have more to do with our personal work and belief in releasing that false claim of shame and less to do with other outside forces. I do hope you understand a bit clearer. Thank you my dear for your comment. Let’s continue to Journey2Free for its indeed a journey…

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