Stand even when the odds are against you!

Stand even through the fears!

Stand even when they talk about you!

Stand even when they don’t agree!

Stand even when it’s difficult to breath!

Stand, even if you stand alone!

For what’s the alternative?!

I sat through all the horrors!

I sat through all the pains!

I sat through all the judgements!

I sat through all the tears!

I sat through all the abuse!

I sat alone through my fears!

They weren’t there to carry me, in fact they say they don’t understand!

They weren’t there to comfort me or lend a helping hand!

Just like me they quivered, refusing to verbalize pain, till what remained was my barely living, merely surviving, shallow, emptied frame.

They won’t understand it, and some never will!

But, by the grace of God Almighty, with all the stares, judgements and disapproval I will remain STANDING still! Larissa (Rizzy) Rhone.

International Woman’s Day March

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