It’s amazing sometimes to discover some habits and practices we carried over into adulthood from our childhood. One such habit for me is my inability to sleep without waking at nights.

Two occurrences in my childhood attributes to my being a very light sleeper today. I was a rather sound sleeper before these two incidents. The house could have blown down and I would have been none the wiser prior to the first sexually violated I experienced at age five (5) and the second incident being my family being robbed at gun point at age ten (10). I unintentionally bid uninterrupted sleep goodbye.

It’s been years since ages 5 & 10 but the fact is, the residual effects of childhood trauma last a lifetime, and for those that have never been helped, counseled or supported the manifestation of traumatic childhood experiences are endless.

What is one thing you do today that can be attributed to a childhood experience?