Rest assured, it doesn’t matter how pure your thought, how genuine the heart, how sweet, kind and loving the act, there will ALWAYS be a few people that will judge, criticize tear you down verbally and be down right angry and even incite evil simply because they don’t understand…

There is light, there is darkness in the world and there is no escaping that!

Some people are miserable and make mischief simply because, others are used as hindrances and distractions, and then they’re those that hate solely because they either can’t do or they refuse to try so they resort to being mean and nasty….

I choose to and will do my endeavor best to be a source of light. There is enough darkness and evil in this world, too many hurting people, I choose my path and to whomever that offends I pray the light finds you.

Be blessed my lovelies. Happy Monday! 😘❤️

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