I NEVER thought in a million years that victims that were sexually abused as children that have lived with guilt and shame FINALLY having the courage to speak about their ordeal could ever result in something this nasty!

I’ve heard and read of families being at odds with each other but to the levels that have been displayed here… This is beyond classless and disrespectful coming from folks that previously expressed and verbalized their love to and for each other. We have completely moved away from agreeing to disagree, having or sharing differences of opinions, respectfully disagreeing while still maintaining class and respect for each other. As a (family) when we don’t agree or even want to believe we should still maintain respect but no not with us… every shred of decency has been removed and what is left is the tearing down, the revictimizing of victims, the name calling, the disrespect, we have even gone as far as to threaten lives!!

My God what is Love?! What is Family?! This is beyond unbelievable! Folks that I once truly respected and admired and at one point looked up to, this is beyond heart breaking! I have seen, heard, witness and been taught over the past 4 1/2 years that things are never as they seem. It doesn’t matter how we dress it up, educate it up, live it up, cover it up, pretty it up a persons true nature will ALWAYS be revealed!

I expected some backlash, I expected some cursing and disagreements, I expected feathers to be ruffled because no one wants to believe that within their family (our family) something as vile and disgusting as sexual abuse and rape of children could/can happen!. No one wants that or even wants to be apart of or associated with anything of this nature, UNDERSTOODBUT when it resorts to being ultimately disrespected, being called or referred to as DOGS this goes beyond saying…

I can’t understand for the life of me, if YOU were never molested or raped by a particular perpetrator why does it affect you so?! The perpetrator have done their crime WHY are you so bothered by what others claim, feel or say if it wasn’t you?!… WHY do you continue to take things onto yourselves that has nothing to do with you?! I thought, in fact I know we are all adults and we will have to stand in our truths and take responsibility for our actions one way or the other… The constant personalizing, questioning or judging of another’s act or choice when did it become ours?!

Of this much I am CERTAIN, doesn’t matter how much we insult, belittle, berate or disrespect each other the TRUTH remains the TRUTH!! Truth can not be tainted, dispelled or negated!!! I just wished we all could have supported or not support but do so with more class but then again one would truly have to have class to do so!

My simple prayer is that TRULY this family would/will be able to get beyond this. There will be no LOVE lost for sure but this too shall pass. Unfortunately it will pass with a family where some bonds and relationships will never be recovered from because some words we can NEVER take back!

The worst part of this is that ALL of us are parents… I Pray none of our children or grandchildren EVER experience what myself and so many others have… the irony of that would be you same lot would want that perpetrator to pay for their crimes (but as long as it doesn’t come on your doorstep ‘who cares right?!)

Truth is from the behavior of a few of you your children probably would never even say! And before you’ll go swearing ‘my child would or wouldn’t’, use the time you’ve committed to bashing victims to go do some research!

I knew of and have experience conditional love (love with conditions) love of convenience, temperate love but I didn’t know that would have been displayed to this magnitude within this family…

I expect the name calling and bashing of myself and the other victims to continue after a selective few of you have read this, but even so one thing is for sure we CAN NOT disrespect, shame, curse/cuss, deny the TRUTH away… My hope is that we can go back to being civilized humans (imperfect beings) or at least try to be civil to each other (though that maybe a stretch for some) I know you will protest to my saying this but regardless I LOVE YOU ALL, whether you choose to accept or DENYLIFE GOES ON…

I for one will love you and continue to pray for you but from a distance.

Be blessed guys…❤❤❤ May God help us all!!

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