The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of vertigo: –  a sensation of motion in which the individual’s surroundings seems to whirl dizzily.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m learning to just (hahahahaha) laugh at life’s hiccups. After not posting for so long, I had a personal goal, a little pact I made with myself – to post on this platform at least once per week. Well, ‘life happens’ or maybe I should say Vertigo happened in addition to other personal setbacks. I choose to smile, shake my head and roll with the punches.


A few days ago I attempted to post and realized I couldn’t get on to my page. Attempt after attempt, login after login, nothing worked. I wondered ‘did I somehow forget my password?’ But, I didn’t. Yesterday I decided to try again and what do you know – It all just reappeared. I chose to smile, shake my head and roll with the punches.

I still have no idea what happened, but hope to resume posting this Sunday. Please be safe. Journey with me as I/we journey 2 free. From my heart to yours, Larissa.

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