This piece was written by our last guest on MASKED (A J2F Mini-Series). I asked her permission to share. It continues to be my prayer that if one person’s life is positively affected, influenced, or changed by my story, then my speaking would not be in vain. Tears streamed down my face as I read her words. I am so grateful to God that after some 57 years of suffering in silence, this woman is FINALLY journeying to freedom after speaking out, reassigning the shame, and is on her way to healing and recovery.

On My Way To Recovery:

For many, many,
many years, I
have been
traveling on this
very painful

A very long seem to
be never-ending

Which seemed to me,
that there was no

But while on this

I met someone who
is not an

Nor a doctor who
performs surgery

But one who helped
me to demonstrate
 my bravery

Helping me through
my many, many,
many years of
mental slavery

Yes, it is a journey

That was taking me
to my final destination
to the cemetery.

It is a journey

Filled with pure

And lots of mystery

A journey

Where I worked very
hard, and got no

To buy food, clothes,
much less

This journey

Is so very slippery

I slipped and fell into
many deep, dark,
damp holes,
where I wished
someone would
have buried me.

But, no one saw me,
and somehow like
a snail, I crawled out
and survived on

And naseberries.

Yes, this long, long,
long journey

Is not ordinary

It’s years of
traveling in the
darkness, in the
land of Canary

Where there were no
beautiful scenery

From lush greenery

But I thank my God,
and that special
someone who is
not an attorney

Nor a doctor who
performs surgery

But who is helping
me to demonstrate
 my bravery

Including how to get out
of these many
years of mental

Yes, I’m now overcoming
this long painful

I ‘m so happy now to
be on my way to

Join me as I/we Journey 2 Free.

From my heart to yours,


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